If you’re a small business owner, you may have debated on the need for a website or more specifically are websites still relevant in 2023? After all, you can use social media platforms such as Facebook for outreach and interact with your customers – so why spend the extra money on building a standalone website?

Websites help customers discover you

While your social media page may be indexed and visible on search engines, it’s less likely a customer will find your specific business listing on social media. As an example, let’s say you’re a chiropractor that operates in the Lexington, KY area. Searching “chiropractor Lexington KY” yields local search results for businesses under places in the A, B, and C positions. Nested below these are the traditional search results, which all link out to various chiropractic websites. They do not link to the Facebook pages of chiropractors who have listed their addresses as being located in Lexington, KY.

You can also build highly tailored and optimized landing pages for your product, directly on your website paired with a Digital Marketing campaign. Social media has its place, but it is not a replacement for a stand-alone website.

Building your brand

Additionally, websites serve as a representation of your brand. The look and feel of your website can be a direct representation of your product. A nice-looking, approachable website with a well-thought-out user experience can reflect positively on your business. Your website can serve as a tool to showcase your products and influence your customers to buy those products.

Which brings us back to our original question are websites still relevant in 2023? Yes. Doubting the relevancy of what might be the most powerful tool you have to showcase your brand, and products could be a massive blow to your business. A website not only allows you to build your brand, but as stated before it is also a tool for helping your brand be discovered.

Branding kit sample

Your website is a digital marketing tool.

A well-crafted website can make or break your business. Using tools such as heatmaps, analytics, and cookies you can optimize your website to be a highly effective weapon in your arsenal. Whether it be to educate customers on the problem you’re able to solve for them, providing that solution in just a few clicks, or scheduling a consultation with a potential client a website is not something most modern businesses should operate without.

As part of your digital marketing, your website can allow you to track customers, create beautiful high-converting landing pages, showcase your products, and so much more. Try putting yourself in the customers position for a second? Where does your journey begin that leads to your product? There is a strong possibility you will be discovered via a search engine, a staggering 35% of brands are discovered each year on search alone. Can you afford not to be in that 35%?

are websites still relevant in 2023


I think at this point, we’ve made a good case for our original question of whether websites still relevant in 2023 or not. However, if you’re still not convinced or simply have questions we may have the answers to schedule a consultation with us. It’s free. That’s right there is no charge for a consultation. We can take a look at your business, and the opportunities a website, digital marketing campaign, or solid strategy for SEO might present. There’s no time like the present, schedule now and see what opportunities are ahead. Good luck!