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What does EmreeSoft do?

Provide Modern Web Solutions

Look, we want to keep it simple. We’re sure you’re not worried about which programming languages our team is proficient with – you’re here because you want a turn-key solution, and a partner you can trust. If you’re looking to launch an eCommerce platform,  maybe provide a website to your clients to showcase your business,  or maybe you want to build your own SaaS product. Whatever the case might be, we would love to discuss your project.

Who is EmreeSoft?

Born in Appalachia

EmreeSoft is a software development agency born and raised in Appalachia. EmreeSoft was founded in 2020 before the start of the pandemic to provide a local solution for businesses in the area looking for help bringing their products and ideas to life. We are excellent at communicating with our clients, and pour our blood sweat and tears into every project. We understand the importance of working together, and how important it is to provide our clients with a solid working product.

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